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To be a world class museum dedicated to the work of a union called AMOSUP- Associated Marine Officers and Seamen's Union of the Philippines.

To highlight JSU-AMOSUP, as one of the biggest organizations of seafarers and its role as a major stakeholder in the highly dynamic international
maritime industry.


Museo Marino fosters a vibrant connection between seafarers and the union of JSU-AMOSUP in order to create a deeper commitment to the welfare of  seafarers and their families . Through its exhibits on the successful collective bargaining agreements, its various programs and activities, the Museo strives to involve visitors of all ages from every cultural and economic background in learning to understand and appreciate the courage, dignity and capacity for hard work of the FILIPINO SEAFARER.



- To inform museum visitors on the work of  AMOSUP and JSU, its’ collective bargaining agreements and how it continues to contribute to global maritime developments.


    - To give recognition and honor to the late Captain Gregorio S. Oca. A Master Mariner ,a and founder of Amosup, who was at the forefront of collective bargaining agreements , unwavering in his allegiance to the interests of the workers.


      - To showcase the solidarity of the Filipino and Japanese seafarers through the JSU-AMOSUP partnership,  and their common desire to exalt the dignity of the seafaring profession.


        - To inspire students to become seafarers through exhibits about courage , discipline and the fortitude of  the FILIPINO SEAFARER.


          - For members and their families, to better appreciate the benefits  of the union in their lives and their communities and how it continues to

          nurture the Filipino Seafarers so they can achieve their optimum potential.